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Diana j. Montgomery

This is an awesome book. I could not put it down. When I finished, I started to read it again right away. If you want to read something that brings tears and happiness throughout the book then this is a book for you. Great read!!


Harold Chandler

Ed Wile is a dear and respected friend of mine. He will be as long as I occupy a place on this earth. That perspective should be understood in order to appreciate my remarks regarding his book, Mean to Meaningful. Ed and I met as members of the Wofford College football team, he a freshman and me a junior, in August 1969. He was a defensive back and I was a quarterback. We should have been opponents. Instead, over many years, we grew to be loving brothers, through service to Wofford by raising student scholarships, to memorable family fellowships including his wife, Vickey, and my wife, Delores.

So, hopefully, you understand that reading his book was painful for me. Learning so late the pain he endured so early. Friends should ask, how could I have done more? In the end, you ultimately realize that Ed and Vicky built a beautiful life through extraordinary love for each other, being resilient, never giving up on themselves or each other. Therefore, for me, this is a book about heroes. Ed and Vickey are my heroes and will be forever. Mean to Meaningful defines hope and outcomes in ways that all readers can ultimately relate. In that regard, it is, for sure, a textbook on life.



We have just finished this life story about a very incredible man. It is about a man who came from humble beginnings who eventually changed his destiny with principles, passion and determination. It is a must read for anyone wanting to find their way in the business world. This book also shares how Ed's mentors influenced him and how he arrived at a very successful career in finance. He has given back to society many times over and helped others along the path to successful careers. He has built long lasting teams with his employees and learned to balance his career with his marriage and family. We truly recommend this book on all levels of recommended reading. 

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